Category: Small Biz Advice

Wills and the Executor

Wills and the Executor A will specifies your instructions as to how your assets will be distributed on your death. In the will, you name an executor to act as your personal representative and to deal with all the tax,… {Read more}

Loans for Your Children

Loans to Adult Children Parents quite often make loans to their adult children to help them purchase a car, a home, or for other reasons. A loan is different from a gift. The parent can charge interest so that the… {Read more}

Estate Plans and RRSP’s

Estate Plans Estate planners often suggest that the RRSP/RRIF holder designate a beneficiary of the plan. There are many advantages of estate plans: Probate fees can be avoided because the funds transfer direct to the beneficiary. The funds are not… {Read more}

Company Events & Door Prizes

In a Technical Interpretation, CRA was questioned about door prizes received by all attendees at a company social function. Door Prizes at Company Functions CRA commented that their tax-free $500 gifts and awards policy would apply to all attendees including… {Read more}