Accounting, HST, and WSIB

 Our monthly financial statements and accounting services are customized just for small business owners, backed with a full understanding of your special needs, issues and deadlines.

  • Each month when we come by your business to review your results, you’ll receive a complete financial statement package.
  • We monitor your income for tax planning. We don’t want you to be surprised at year end with an unexpected tax situation!
  • We’ll help you budget your expenditures for cash flow planning and borrowing needs.
  • Need some additional support in applying for a bank loan? We can help with that.
  • Government reporting? We help there too. All you need to do is provide us with your reporting information when we stop by in pick it up and we’ll have them back to you in plenty of time for filing. If we are late we’ll pay the penalty. It’s our Guarantee.
  • Receive a government notice? Send it to us and we’ll evaluate problem and send a response.