Business Health Check

Business Health CheckDon’t make the mistake of seeing your Accountant only at tax time.

Like most people you probably schedule a physical exam every year with your doctor and understand the value of preventive medicine. What would you do if your doctor told you, “Your blood pressure is a little high and you need to lose some weight.”

Would you listen? Without a doubt. Because your doctor is an expert with knowledge that look after your health.

Imagine it’s time to file the tax return for your small business. After going over the year’s records, your accountant comments, “I see that you have some cash flow problems and your inventory value has been slowly increasing. I can help you with these issues.” Would you take your accountant up on this offer?

Many entrepreneurs view their accountants primarily as pencil-pushers in dark suits whose expertise is needed only when tax time rolls around. But a good accountant — like a good doctor — can provide a wide range of services that includes preventive accounting.

Our Health Check

We practice Preventative Accounting

  • It’s easier to keep out of trouble than to get out of trouble.
  • We tailor our services to ensure we work with our clients on a monthly basis.
  • Using current and relevant information we help our clients make better decisions.

We make House Calls twice a month to our client’s location

  • Once to pick up the accounting work and about a week later we return it with completed financial reports.
  • We then sit down with the owner to discuss what we see happening with their business and provide business advice and tax advice.
  • We see accounting information as a management tool and it needs to be used more than once a year in order for small business owners to make critical decisions and be profitable.

We offer the our Reality Check™

  • We have a market-leading product called Reality Check™, a report we provide monthly to our clients that compare their business to others in the same industry.
  • The information gives them a competitive advantage and helps highlight when they have costs that are out of line with the industry.