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Many small businesses come to us for help with their accounting and/or payroll. We have several clients that use QuickBooks© and that works great! QuickBooks©integrates well with the our System.

To use QuickBooks© however, you have to purchase the software, and in many cases get training and pay for ongoing support costs and upgrades. And it certainly doesn’t hurt if you have taken a few accounting courses too! If this doesn’t sound like something you want to pursue, we have a GREAT option for you! It’s called Connect©.

Connect© is software we install on your computer that allows you to easily do invoicing, write checks, and do payroll calculations; including printing and issuing payroll checks! With one quick and easy session, we can have you up and running on Connect©.

Since our newer clients have discovered Connect©, they LOVE IT! It is very user friendly and FREE.

What is CONNECT? ©

Connect© is a customized record keeping & invoicing software application, with a payroll solution, that is perfect for small business. Connect© is comprised of simple and easy–to-use modules. Within minutes of installation, you will be able to record information that is critical to your business.


  • Easy to use
  • Customized to your business
  • Saves you time
  • Requires minimal computer skills
  • Free support

Its three modules in one simple package!

    • Chequebook Module: The first module is a simple record keeping application.
      Chequebook contains two electronic spreadsheets that track payments and receipts. From the data entered into these two spreadsheets, the program tracks the bank balance of the entity. There is also a reports module that summarizes transactions in various formats.
    • Invoicing Module: The second module is a standalone accounts receivable system.
      It tracks and reports sales, customers and products, similar to any accounts receivable program. It interacts with the first program only to allow posting of receipts from Chequebook to the Invoicing module.
    • Payroll: Let us take the worry out of getting your payroll and government remittances right. PayTrak is the ideal company for your business. We provide a complete payroll service without making it complicated. A customer service representative is assigned to every client so you always receive familiar, prompt service. Our rates are competitive and getting started is a breeze. More information is available from us if you call us at 613-599-4224.


Technical Requirements

  • Visit our Connect website for more information on our free software. Check out the free trial version for 30 days – its guaranteed to make you want to call us for more information.