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Capital Gains Exemption Deduction

Whats new for the capital gains exemption deduction The lifetime capital gains exemption deduction, if you dispose of shares in a qualified small business corporation, is $813,600, or $1,000,000 for a qualified farm property or qualified fishing property. If you… {Read more}

Capital Losses

Capital losses and deductions You can use your 2015 capital losses to reduce your current year’s income taxes by applying such losses against your 2015 capital gains. You must however be careful of the superficial loss rules preventing you from… {Read more}

Managing your small business

3.5 Reasons To Seek Small Business Tax Help Unless you get thrills from poring through convoluted tax language or performing complicated calculations, managing your small business tax responsibilities is no fun. Odds are, you didn’t start your business so you… {Read more}

Your small business profits

3 Severe Errors Draining Your Small Business Profits The life of a small business owner is filled with challenges. Every decision you make has an impact on the financial health of your business. Building up your small business profits requires… {Read more}