Online tax payments made easier

How are you processing your online tax payments?

online tax paymentsDid you know you can use online tax payments to pay your business taxes? It’s faster, easier, and cheaper than mailing a cheque to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), especially if you’re making more than one payment a year. Even if a postal disruption occurs, you are still required to make every effort to submit your payment on time to the CRA. The following online services can help you meet your tax obligations on time to avoid late penalties and charges.

How to pay using the CRA website and My Payment

My Payment is an electronic payment service that lets businesses make payments directly to the CRA using their bank access cards. You don’t need to register to use My Payment, and you can make payments to more than one CRA account in a single transaction.

  1. Go to online tax payments.
  2. Make sure you have your 15-digit CRA program account number handy.
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen.

How to pay using the CRA website and pre-authorized debitcanstockphoto- online tax payments

When you use My Business Account to set up a pre-authorized debit (PAD), you agree to authorize the CRA to withdraw a pre-determined amount from your bank account to pay tax on a specific date or dates. To set up a PAD agreement:

  1. Login to My business online tax payments.
  2. On the Welcome page, select “Pre-authorized debit” under Make payments.
  3. Select “Create new agreement” and follow the instructions on your screen.

How to pay using online banking:

If you have a business bank account, you can pay your business taxes the same way you pay your phone or hydro bill.

  1. Sign in to your financial institution’s online banking service.
  2. Under “Add a payee,” look for an option such as:
    Federal – Corporation Tax Payments – TXINS
    Federal – GST/HST Return – GST 34 – (GST34)
    Federal Payroll Deductions – Regular/Quarterly – EMPTX – (PD7A)
    Federal Payroll Deductions – Threshold 1 – EMPTX – (PD7A)
    Federal Payroll Deductions – Threshold 2 – EMPTX – (PD7A)
  3. Carefully enter your account number to avoid a misapplied payment.

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