Buying a franchise — are you ready to invest?

If you want to take on an existing business rather than starting one from scratch, you may wish to consider buying a franchise. Although there are many advantages to this, it is important to do your research before you commit.

Don’t underestimate the investment needed when buying a franchise. By understanding the financial requirements, you can see if you’re prepared to take that step.

  • Besides considering the initial listed franchising fee, research similar franchise businesses and markets to get a good idea of what the total up-front costs are.
  • It will take time for your franchise to break even. Consider that when projecting how much is necessary to go forward with this venture.
  • Estimate how much operating capital you need to cover your expenses until your business starts turning a profit.

When buying a franchise, you are buying into a brand. Keep in mind that you’re committing to someone else’s expectations and rules.

  • Marketing: you will have marketing tools provided for you that have worked for the franchise in the past. Make sure you’re comfortable utilizing these techniques.
  • Training: this is a process where you will get a sense of what the franchise requires when hiring, running and establishing the business to their standards.
  • Supervision: franchisors will often be in contact to give you advice on how to be successful. Be prepared to have a close relationship with them.

Tools at your disposal: Portrait of CEO with meeting in the background.

Tools such as a Franchise Disclosure Document allow you to find out the legal obligations of the franchisor. Also, the Canadian Franchise Association is an organization that gives you more information and helps you to find out about franchise opportunities. Before moving forward, it may be a good idea to review these platforms.

Buying a franchise can be an exciting challenge, and one that can mean growth for your future. By taking steps to educate yourself, you can explore different franchise options that could be a good fit for you as an entrepreneur.

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