Scotiabank’s Get Growing for Business™ Free Business Tools

Scotiabank recently launched a new website for small business owners.  Entitled, Get Growing for Business, the site offers a wealth of information and resources aimed at helping you develop and grow your business.  It’s available online, its free to everyone, and it can help you grow your business!

The website includes:

Scotia Plan Writer for business™Planning tool will help you create an effective business plan.

Scotia Get Growing for business Program Sales & Marketing™ tool provides marketing and sales steps you can take to grow your business.

Scotia Blueprint for business™ Check-up tool analyzes cash flow to identify new working capital you can reinvest in your business and improve your bottom line.

Scotia Starting Line for business™ Check-up tool helps gauge and improve the “soft skills” and strategies that can help make or break a new or existing business.

Scotia Cashflow for business™ tool helps you complete a detailed analysis of your businesses’ month to month cash flow in an easy to use format which will help you grow your business to the next level

It includes an online forum where you can chat with other business owners, an “Ask the Expert” feature, and access to a number of articles and reference material.  You are certain to find information that will directly benefit your business and its success.  All of the tools are easy to use.  They take you through a series of online questions relating to your business and current activities and provides useful suggestions, advice and next steps.

In addition to these tools, there is information on how to arrange a meeting with a Scotiabank business advisor to help with your small business.  Check out this great website at Get Growing For Business

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