Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Payroll can be a big hassle to even the most experienced small business owner. Stop to consider the penalties one faces for missing tax payment, and all of a sudden the “hassle” has turned into a nightmare! An enormous number of employers have been charged monetary penalties for payroll mistakes, with fines totaling tens of millions of dollars. For the majority of small business owners, payroll services offer an attractive alternative to internal processing.

Take a second to consider the following advantages that accompany outsourcing:

  • Expert knowledge of payroll and payroll systems.
  • The ability to accurately budget with fixed payroll costs.
  • The elimination of computer hardware costs and computer upgrades.
  • The ability to handle workload peaks, illness or unexpected changes in qualified staff.
  • The assurance that payroll records are accurate, reconciled and structured so that all audit requirements are met.

Padgett Business Services is proud to offer payroll processing through our affiliate Paytrak Payroll Services. We want to take care of your payroll hassle so you can focus your time on growing your business.

For more information, visit their PayTrak website at  or if you are located in the Ottawa area call us at 613-599-4224 to find out more.

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